Read first before you consider adopting a pet:

Not everyone should have a pet, no matter how much they love animals, and no matter how much they want one. You need to ask yourself some hard questions, and answer them honestly, before you go ahead and welcome a pet into your life.   Bringing a pet into your home is a huge commitment, and to be honest, love is not enough. Regardless of what type of pet you fancy, have a look at this checklist and see if animal guardianship really is the right thing for you.

1. Why do you want a pet?   They're not toys or fashion statements, machines or   weapons, and should not be adopted merely to make you look cool, amuse your kids or serve as a living security system.   But if your reason for adopting is because you absolutely need to have an animal companion in your home to make your family complete, then that's a very good start.

2. How many spare hours do you have every day? Regardless of what type of pet you want to adopt, you  absolutely have to have the time and energy to look after any pet properly.  At the risk of stating the obvious, goldfish can't clean their own tanks, cats can't empty their litter trays and dogs can't take themselves to the park or beach for their daily romp.

3. Are you too house proud?  Molting fur, feathers, muddy paws, drool, fur balls, dirty litter, pongs, chewed up toys, squawks, miaows and growls…If the mere thought of any kind of 'mess or noise' in your home makes you break out in hives, you might wish to strongly reconsider whether or not adopting a pet is for you.

4. There's no such thing as a 'free' pet.  Even if you were given an animal (and we've all seen the 'free' kitten and puppy ads in the paper and on, don't kid yourself into thinking there is no cost involved.  You will be spending money on all the basics for your pet - food, bedding, toys, accessories, vet bills - plus if you want a dog there is the added responsibility of licence/registration fees. And if you want to go on holiday, you'll need to add a kennel/cattery or pet sitters fee. Also remember that some animals can live 20- plus years. Can you commit to the lifetime of your pet? If you can't, don't do it.

5. Are you a cough potato, an athlete or somewhere in between?  Do you work long hours, or do a lot of travelling? If the thought of walking in the rain, or on a cold and bleak day doesn't do it for you, then reconsider whether or not you should be adopting a dog.  Dogs need exercise every day regardless of what the weather is doing.   Pick an animal that best suits your personality and lifestyle, that way neither of you will let the other one down.
If everything fits?

Now that you've considered all these factors and decided that you are ready and able to become a pet owner, have a look at our Adoptions section and see if there's a little sweetheart waiting there to join your family


But hang on, what if you've made the decision that the timing's not right for you to have a pet? There are some alternatives you can consider: you could volunteer at a local animal shelter, or ask a family member, friend or neighbour if you can walk their dog for them.  There are lots of ways to become involved with animals aside from being an owner.

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