"Do nothing and nothing will change..."

To get involved and protect your pet from harm, make them a patched member of Paw Justice.
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Paw Justice recently campaigned for tougher laws on animal cruelty with a nationwide petition. After 10 months (to the day) of hard campaigning and the support of many caring individuals the government listen to our voices and the laws were changed giving tougher penalties for serious offences against animals.

It shows that being an advocate for your pet and speaking up is the best way to spread the message that animal cruelty is wrong. The reporting of Animal cruelty is absolutely essential for stopping violent crimes in our society. The Paw Justice campaign "Patch up Your pet" is designed to get pet owners and animal lovers together to unite against animal cruelty and to strengthen communities to be the eyes and ears against animal abuse.

Tell your friends and family, talk to other proud pet owners and animal lovers about the "Patch Up Your Pet" campaign. The further the Paw Justice message spreads the quicker we can stamp out animal cruelty.

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Patch Up Your Pet © Paw Justice 2010. Paw Justice does not condone violence against animals or humans.
We do, however, believe in the judicial system being fair for all animals - those who do not have a voice.